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Major Intersection

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Major Intersection


Since October, we have been strongly affected by the powerful surges of massive Outgoing and Incoming Tides. On the days when the Waves of the Old are super strong, we feel a poignant sadness, grieving for all that is dying away. It feels like a giant tsunami wave is pulling everything away from us, all that we have known, all that we have mastered, all that has defined who we are. It's all being sucked out to the distant sea, never to return.

And it's not that we even want to hold onto these things, but it's the sheer magnitude of the letting go that affects us so strongly. The finality of NO DOWN - NO RETURN. It's having those final conversations with the people whom we once regarded as friends, who are now moving out of our world. It's the realization that many of our favorite activities don't give us any more enjoyment, that many of our favorite foods no longer give us any real nourishment. It's the uncertainty as to how our New Lives are going to manifest themselves. Or what they're going to look like. Or where we will end up living. Or whether or not we will find our One True Love. It's looking backwards and seeing the long line of burning bridges in the distance....

Every massive Outgoing Tide is immediately followed by a massive Incoming Tide bringing in Waves of the New. New information comes in, new pieces of the puzzle, new connections, new opportunities, new brilliant possibilities and new directions. Each time they come in, the Waves of the New are larger and stronger, clearer, more real and true.

Breakthroughs appear; obstacles dissolve; more Green Lights turn on; we start decisively moving forward towards our New Lives. The Waves of Separation now become Waves of Union. The Waves of Dying Away become Waves of Rebirth and Renewal. New people, new realizations and new situations effortlessly enter our lives.

The pull of these two seemingly opposite Tides are often so intense that they bring all of our activities to a complete halt, forcing us to go within and work on the level of pure energy to create the New Matrix. Many of us got sick in October to aid this process and to give ourselves much needed integration time.

Throughout October, our beings were profoundly scoured, much like a wildfire scorches the landscape. Many illusions were stripped away, allowing us to become more real and true. Many people left our lives, making space for truer ones.

And if we put our full beings into moving into the New, we were stripped TO THE CORE. For this is exactly where we most need to be.



To say that we are at a critical point is a vast understatement. This is beyond MAKE OR BREAK TIME. The decisions we make now will have an indelible effect on our future. It's essential that we make sure our priorities are in the correct order. It's essential that we continue to release all expired elements from our lives. It's essential that we point the Compass of our Hearts into the very truest direction for the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

Our shift into the New Matrix heightens the dissolving of the calcification of duality. This is mirrored in our physical world by a huge breakdown of duality's infrastructure. Bridges collapse, the ingrained corruption of businesses and governments is being increasingly exposed, financial markets are falling, mechanical things malfunction and glitches abound in numerous areas. Things just don't work smoothly like they used to.

The MAKE OR BREAK TIME is also readily visible in the extreme weather patterns buffeting our planet. Often the weather will drastically change every ten minutes or so, going from sunny and warm to rainy and cold in an instant, and then back again. Wildfires are scouring the landscape, floods are inundating huge areas, typhoons are blowing away the old and earthquakes are shaking everything up so the old patterns can be released.

The atmosphere surrounding us is often full of an heightened sense of expectancy. The sense that something major is about to happen. Sometimes, it feels ominous, as if we have reached the end of the world. Other times, the sense of expectancy fills us with great excitement and we know that all wondrous things are possible.

This breakdown of duality will continue to intensify in the months to come, as will the unpinning of time. This combination requires us to develop totally new navigational skills. We need to learn how to skip around the obstacles in our path without slowing our pace and not to let the glitches throw us off balance. We need to learn how to be totally comfortable when we are unpinned from time and how to clearly and cheerfully function at all hours of the day and night.

This is why it's more important than ever to live fully anchored in the Greater Reality. The stakes have become very real and we must be totally real, authentic and true to cope with it.



The One always has a great day, no matter what the external circumstances. When we live in the Greater Reality in the HERE and NOW, it doesn't really matter if we are happy or sad, whether we're surrounded by friends or all alone, whether we are rich or poor, or what we are experiencing. We don't get caught up in the drama or in the ebb and flow of duality. Instead we center ourselves in the timeless eternal moment of NOW.

This is similar to flying in an airplane. Down on Earth it may be a stormy day with flashing lightning and pouring rain. But once we fly above the clouds, there are blue skies! On the level beyond duality, there are always blue skies. This zone of clear weather and open space is just like the Greater Reality. And this is exactly where we need to place ourselves and live in each moment of our everyday lives.

But please make sure that when you reach the blue skies that they are the real ones, not the false blue skies created by our denial of being fully real.



Each of our beings is like a huge stone pillar. Throughout our many lifetimes, our stalwart pillar has held us up and kept us grounded. Our pillar has been rock solid and steady, no matter what we experienced. Until lately....

For the past few months, monolithic shifts have been taking place on the deepest core levels, both within us and within this physical planet. Each time that a monolithic shift happens, parts of our pillars break off and crumble into dust. Whenever this occurs, we feel stripped and vulnerable. Yet, as the heavy weight of the pillar that has long encased us falls away, we are able to expand our beings far beyond our previous boundaries.

At times, we may worry that without our pillar to hold us up, we will be weakened and fall down or simply blow away; but this is not the case. For inside our rapidly dissolving pillar is a super strong titanium rod which is what has really been holding everything up all along! This is similar to the metal rods or rebars that are inside concrete pillars.

As more chunks of our pillar drop off, we will realize how heavy and cumbersome it was to be covered in thick stone for so long. We will feel that we have finally been liberated to openly be our true selves and we will have arrived at our new level.



November and December are the most critical months of the year. It's going to take everything we've got to get ourselves into our New Lives. We need to row night and day with our full beings if we really want to get there. Just like a runner in a marathon who is nearing the end of the long race and reaches deep within to find that last burst of speed to get to the finish line, we need to go all out and row even faster. We are making our final sprint into our New Lives. And this is the most important time of all. This is when we must not fail.

What makes this challenging isn't so much the effort of rowing. Many of us have been rowing for some time and have already developed our rowing muscles. We've made our full commitment and have put becoming True Core Beings and manifesting our New Lives at the top of our list of priorities. What makes it a bit difficult is the state that we're in.

The Winds of Change are nearing gale force, buffeting us with extremely intense energy. This will only intensify as we approach the series of Major Intersections just ahead. At the same time, our pillars are crumbling and our beings expanding immeasurably.

This is deeply affecting our mental bodies. Our poor minds are so vastly expanded that they feel full of huge gaping holes and our attention span is greatly reduced, sometimes to almost zero. It is impossible to focus on just one thing at a time or to do anything in a logical, linear manner; at times it is nearly impossible to focus on anything!

At the same time, our hearts are still covered by scaffolding, making us feel emotionally numb much of the time. And even though some large pieces of scaffolding fell off in September, enabling us to briefly have emotions, it feels as if a new layer of scaffolding has now replaced it.

So yes, many of us are rowing as hard as we can, yet it's not so much fun when your mind is full of holes and you don't have access to your deeper feelings. When we are mindless and emotionless and all we can do is row, faster and faster, with everything we've got. But this is exactly what we must do if we want to reach the shores of our New Lives.

In spite of these obvious challenges, amazingly, we are actually getting much done, even though we don't think we are. We're just not functioning in our old ways. Instead, it is happening in an almost Zen-like manner. Things are getting done without our dedicated focus or concentrated efforts. It is like having a stove full of boiling pots. We can't put our attention on any particular pot, yet they are all getting cooked. Occasionally, we do manage to throw in some vegetables or herbs, without even thinking about what we are doing; yet we are doing exactly what needs to be done and when our food is ready, it will be surprisingly delicious.

And throughout it all, we must never stop rowing with our full beings. We must never stop believing in our New Lives. We must never stop believing in One True Love. We are so close now....

This is the final sprint to the finish line and we simply must not slow our pace or let anything stop us.



The Express Trains into the New are moving faster and faster. Along the way at the intermediate stations, they are picking up new passengers, those who are ready to leap aboard with their full beings. This will continue until the end of the year. After that, the trains will speed up immeasurably, going so fast that it will be almost impossible to jump aboard.

Surprisingly, there are some already on the Express Trains who are panicking and jumping off. They feel that they can stretch no further beyond their comfort zones. They know that they will soon pass the Point of No Return and won't be able to hold onto their old ways of being. This causes them to panic at the last minute and jump off the train, frantically clutching onto the old and expired.

Whenever this happens, even if it happens to someone whom we dearly love, we must stay on our train and continue on. There is no time to get off and rescue anyone; everyone must make it onto the train on their own volition. If we try to get off to help someone, we will find that our train will continue on without us.

During the next two months there will be a definitive reshuffling of the passengers on our Express Trains. Some people whom we hadn't heard from for years, will be sitting beside us, as if we had never parted. At the same time, some whom we were positive would be with us until the very end, will suddenly disappear. And new faces of kindred beings will continually appear to fill the empty seats.

This will greatly intensify once we reach our final Major Intersection of this year. When this happens, all our Express Trains will converge at a huge railway terminal hub where past and future converge, creating a portal through time and space. Once we reach this station, many new people will be getting on the Express Trains, while some will be making a last minute change of Express Trains to get on the one that leads to their truest direction.

The passengers will be arriving from every direction, and even some of those people whom we left long ago in the past have surprisingly found their way here via different routes, moving through different worlds to jump on the Express Train into their rightful direction.

If you want to really travel on the Express Trains into the New and True, it's time to get yourself to the nearest station and be ready to leap aboard!



In November we are going to encounter our first Major Intersection. This could happen any time during the month, although I feel that it will occur from November 11 onwards. There may even be more than one Major Intersection.

It's impossible to search for a Major Intersection; there is nothing we can do to make it happen other than becoming real and true and getting ourselves onto our new level. Once we do that, we simply wait for the right conditions to be in alignment. Right Time - Right Place.

A Major Intersection is more than a mere crossroads. It is an extremely rare connection point between elements that have been traveling on what appeared to be totally different diagonal trajectories. The symbol for a Major Intersection is an X. Once we reach the center of the X, a quantum activation occurs, setting off a total realignment which creates an entirely new patterning. The extremities of the X expand outwards and towards each other creating new outer points that now form a diamond. As the X expands into a diamond, our previously separate paths merge into an infinitely vaster unified one.

When this occurs, it turns our probable realities inside out, revealing the map of an entirely new, greatly expanded landscape that we couldn't see before. At the same time, a whole new section of our Sealed Orders pop open, revealing previously unseen details of our New Lives.

Whenever a Major Intersection takes place, it sets off a chain reaction of miraculous events. Enormous ripples are sent forth, much like the waves created by a powerboat on a lake. These ripples will continue to have a major effect on our lives, setting up more Intersections of Right Time and Right Place.

Some of the numerous potential possibilities that may occur during a Major Intersection include finding your true kindred people, locating your right place, meeting your One True Love or connecting with a new career direction. Or all of the above! And more. It is a time of tremendous breakthroughs on all levels.

Even though November is a powerful month containing Major Intersections, this doesn't mean that everyone will experience them. There's a certain amount of preparation that is required. We make ourselves ready by our total openness to embrace the New and True and by our complete commitment to becoming True Core Beings. If we're still holding onto the baggage of the past or to an armload of expired elements and attitudes, we might miss it. However, if we are already traveling on the Express Trains into the New, our chances of experiencing a Major Intersection are really good.

Encountering a Major Intersection is a mega life changing event. When it happens, nothing will ever be the same. Suddenly the deck of cards that we're holding will be a very different one, with lots of new cards that we never knew existed. When this happens, it will require a total reconfiguring of every single element of our lives. Our previous priorities will immediately dissolve and new, truer ones will take their place. Much of the remaining scaffolding over our hearts will fall away and we will be plunged deeper into the Lotus World.

And please don't be upset if it doesn't happen to you this month. More Major Intersections will be occurring in December....



November positions us on the runway for our takeoff at the end of December. Our planes load up their passengers, rev up their engines and get ready to fly off into the New. By the end of the year at the latest, our New Direction will be totally clear.

Because November is such a potent month, we need to remain totally open for any hints, clues and connections coming from our New Lives. The massive Tsunamis of Change are creating numerous openings for the New to enter. If we receive any Wild Card ideas coming in from out of the blue, we should follow up on them, as unpractical and unpinned as they may seem. Most of the time, they will actually work out brilliantly. We need to be prepared to shift directions on a moment's notice. Go for what you really want, rather than for what you think you can get.

Currently, some people are needing to backtrack into their old lives, old patterns, old mastery and old ways of being before they can totally let them go. This is all right as long as you don't linger there for long. As soon as you can muster the strength and courage, let them go and move forward decisively.

Some are so enmeshed in old situations that they don't see a way out. You are receiving your final warnings that it's time to let go of past behaviors. Please don't ignore them. The stakes are huge and you don't want to get stuck. There's always a way out; it's decisive action in following what you know to be true.

Others are thinking that they've found their New Lives and One True Loves, only to have them quickly fall apart. This is happening because we first have to get ourselves onto the New Matrix. Yes, the energies are present to find our New Lives and New Loves, but if we haven't put the effort into becoming a True Core Being, anything less than that will fall away.

Beyond a doubt, this is one of the most critical MAKE or BREAK times that we have ever experienced. Absolutely everything is on the line. It's a time that requires a whole new level of commitment. From now until the end of the year, we are setting the templates for our future.

Because of this, it's essential that we aim ourselves into our truest direction. For if we continue to compromise ourselves by staying in expired situations, relationships, jobs, friendships, activities, attitudes and patterns, we may get very stuck. By choosing the tired security of the old, we might miss the immense promise of the Golden Opportunities that are on their way to us.

The level that we stand on at the beginning of 2008 will determine our future experiences for a whole new cycle. Because of this, important decisions need to be made that will directly impact our future directions.


I'm still rowing....

With Huge Lotus Heart Core LOVE,


PS. I will be traveling into the Unknown for the entire month of November
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Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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