Solara's October 2007 Surf Report

Walking the Razor's Edge

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Walking the Razor's Edge

September's extremely intense Quantum Surf took everything to the frontier of a totally new level. It was an undeniably powerful time of profound initiation. As we were pummeled by the Tsunamis of Change, many layers were stripped off us and our true core beings started emerging. We experienced huge breakthroughs that propelled us forward. Many old, ingrained patterns were cleared out of our personal matrixes. Some of us were shockingly thrust into new, totally unexpected directions. And for at least a moment, we received a clear glimpse of the path into the New and True.

The powerful Tsunamis of Change are expanding far beyond what we can presently see or imagine. We are surfing such massive waves that it is impossible to comprehend their full size and impossible to understand the gigantic scope of their far reaching effects.

To say that this is a critical time is a vast understatement. The Waves of the New are coming in with full force and the Waves of the Old are pulling everything that is untrue out of our lives. We can either surf with mastery as True, Core Beings or we can be swept away into chaos, confusion and stagnation.

In October everything is ON THE LINE for us both personally and on a planetary level. Although many of us have reached the frontier of our new levels, few have totally stepped onto them. And it's essential that we do, as soon as possible. Our future directions and future experiences are being determined by our present actions, attitudes and levels of awareness. "We are creating the templates for our future now," has never been more true. This is one of the most critical stages we have ever reached.

We have the choice to leap forward onto the Fast Track to the totally New and True or to remain on the seemingly secure plateau of what we already know. The choices that we make right now will determine not only our future directions, but the scale of our future expansion.

Throughout October, we are Walking on the Razor's Edge. Every step we make must be absolutely true. Every step must be consciously taken to lead us into our New Matrix, rather than to keep us stuck in the old and expired. These are no longer "normal" times. If we're not totally focused on what is most real, then it will be easy to dissipate or even shatter all the progress we have made and we will be spun off into a whirlpool of stagnation and be removed from our accelerated evolutionary timetable.

It's essential to embody our true core beings at all times and to keep ourselves constantly centered in the Heart of the Lotus. This is the stance that is needed to safely and confidently Walk the Razor's Edge into our brilliant New Lives that are awaiting us in 2008.

Right now is a super critical time. Everything is ON THE LINE. Our New Lives are ON THE LINE. The Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams is ON THE LINE. The reunion with our One True Loves is ON THE LINE. Our evolution and survival are ON THE LINE. Whether we succeed in stepping into the New is entirely up to us.

In October, we are going to be put to the test and must Walk the Razor's Edge by ourselves. We need to walk so true, making every step utterly real; for if we don't, we will be split into two and it's a long way down....

Walking the Razor's Edge requires us to be stripped to the core, free of all artifices, free of all illusion. It requires us to row towards our New Lives with everything we've got, all the time, without stopping, without getting detoured back into what has already expired. It requires us to constantly reshuffle our priorities to do what is most needed in each moment.

The stakes are huge. For when we complete our journey across the razor's edge, we will find ourselves in a totally exciting new world where our outer life finally becomes the perfect mirror of who we really are.



Because we are in a major Make or Break transition zone, it's essential that we put extra effort into constantly clearing and smoothing the energy in our home environment. We really need to live in a strong, clear energetic field.

Make your home as neutral as possible by putting chairs back into position as soon as you get up, washing dishes immediately after you use them, making the bed when you arise, etc. It's important that we don't leave energetic footprints of our activities all over our living spaces. This is so the New can come in unhindered by old residue.

We need to be ULTRA CONSCIOUS of all our actions and see them from a much vaster perspective. Some examples are: When we take a shower, we are purifying ourselves. When we sweep the floor, we are sweeping away the old. When we paint a wall, we are recalibrating our energetic fields.

The important thing to remember is that all our actions at this time have far vaster effects than we can presently imagine. Even the simplest of tasks. When we are sweeping a floor, we are cleaning our physical floor, sweeping away the old from our living space, sweeping away the old from inside our being and sweeping away the old from the matrix itself. When we dissolve an old pattern, we are doing it not only within ourselves, but within the matrix as well. The more conscious we become about this, the larger waves we will send forth.



During this powerful time of transition from the old and expired to the New and True, it's vitally important to CHOOSE OUR BATTLES WISELY. Be ultra aware of what you put your energy into. Is it feeding separation or Oneness? Does it emanate from the New and True? Is it the best use of your time and energy?

Be ultra aware of the choices you are making. Are they based on old patterns, old levels of mastery and fears of the Unknown or are they choices that lead you into your new directions? Are your choices keeping you small and disempowered or are they expanding your being by taking you off the map of the Known?

Be ultra aware of your truest priorities. What is most important in your life? What is most real and true? Are you placing this at the top of your priorities?

Be ultra aware of your Wildest Dreams. Have you set them aside as impossible to achieve or frivolous fantasies? Or are you moving towards their fulfillment with every breath you take?

Be ultra aware how you relate to the people around you. Are you being honest and real at all times? Are you being honest and real with yourself?

Be ultra aware of the messages in your dreams.

Be ultra aware of the myriad clues coming to us from our New Lives. Once you receive a clue, listen to it and set your coordinates in that direction.

Be ultra aware that this is a critical time for us personally and for the planet. The choices we make right now are absolutely creating the templates for our future.

Be ultra aware that it's of vital importance that we shift our beings to a totally new level right now. Dissolve any resistances to this within your own being as soon as they appear. There is nowhere else to be.

If we don't CHOOSE OUR BATTLES WISELY, our energies will be diverted from our true focus and we will sadly miss the Golden Opportunities of this amazing time.



These are our highest priorities right now. If we really want to get to our New Lives,
they must take precedence over everything else.



not only rebalancing what is out of balance,
but to remove all glitches from our personal and planetary matrixes.





We do this by doing what is most needed, when it is most needed.









The scaffolding which has covered our beings during our massive reconstruction process continues to fall away. First on the physical, then the mental and finally on the emotional. The deeper we step into our core, the more scaffolding falls off our hearts and the truer we become.

As we are propelled into our New Lives, all of our remaining scaffolding is going to be knocked off. As this happens, bubbles of unreality form around us, protecting us -- much like how a blister forms to protect a raw piece of skin, giving it time to heal -- until our exposed Heart of Hearts becomes strong enough to be fully exposed. When the bubble of unreality finally pops away, we will discover that we're traveling on the River of Love. And that we've been traveling on it all along. This is the point when everything is going to become much easier. Our journey will noticeably smooth out. The last of the scaffolding which covers our Heart of Hearts will fall away when we meet our One True Loves.

Interestingly, many locations in the world including parts of New York City and Moscow, Russia currently have heavy scaffolding. Even the Parthenon in Athens, Greece is covered with scaffolding.



We are in the Transition Zone, half way between the old and the New. Transition Zones are always challenging to navigate, especially now when we are so vastly expanded and need to learn totally new navigational skills. Our expansion has caused everything to be greatly magnified, becoming so huge that it often takes us a while to adjust and expand our perceptions so we can see things clearly.

Since this is a time of major clearing of glitches from the old matrix, we are still experiencing lots of magnification. What this means is that any and all glitches, illusions and duality-based beliefs that are ready to be removed are being greatly magnified so we can see them and clear them out.

Magnification not only enlarges what we are seeing, but it often causes distortion. Illusions become so large that we assume that they are real, just because of their huge size. Because of this, sometimes we cannot see clearly what is real and what is unreal. This is when we need to bring forth our truth filters and use our finely honed discernment. We need to constantly check the compass of our heart and see if we are going in our truest direction.

When we do find any glitches, we simply cannot allow them to remain within us. We need to have zero tolerance for them. Don't just take them out of your life, but remove them from the entire matrix!



During this transitional time from the old and expired to the New and True, the membranes between the worlds are becoming incredibly thin. The veils between the worlds are dissolving. This creates a temporary distortion band with occasional overlays where things appear that shouldn't really be there. If this happens to you, don't be alarmed; it's only a temporary mirage. These distortions cannot live in this world and can only appear as holographic projections.

All of us have some blind spots, areas where we cannot see clearly. As our beings expand, our blind spots will finally become glaringly obvious. This will give us a real feeling of coming to our senses. This major wake-up call can be a real shock when the truth of what is real is revealed.

Another element that is currently being dissolved are all false or karmic debts. Many of us have held onto people or situations out of a sense of owing them something or out of guilt, rather than from the true promptings of our heart. Most of these obligations were accumulated during previous lifetimes. Many of these karmic debts weren't even true ones. They were imposed on us by others so they could control us by tricking us into serving them, rather than our true purpose. This type of manipulation is finally falling away as karmic debts cannot exist in the New Matrix.

The same is true for guilt as a motivating factor in our lives. Guilt is an illusion; it does not exist in the Greater Reality. We no longer need to be influenced by guilt in any form.

From now throughout 2008, many masks will be falling off the abusers of power, the distorters of the truth and the master manipulators. This is happening right now in Burma and many other parts of the world. This will bring many shocking events to the surface for all to see. Sometimes the shock will be so severe that it will create chaos or null zones. Whenever this happens, it's important that we don't go into fear, but instead combine our energies to strengthen the Heart of the Lotus.



Many sceptres are being passed. These are sceptres of responsibility, sceptres of purpose and sceptres of knowledge. Each time that we receive a sceptre and each time that we pass on one of our old sceptres, we move to a new level.

Some of the sceptres being passed have to do with specific geographical locations. For example: I am getting ready to sell my house in Hawaii and move to a new country. One of my functions here has been to keep the Ring of Fire balanced. In order for me to leave, someone will step forward to take over that task. Just as the right person will step forward into their next step to buy my house which is so strongly anchored in the Lotus World energies.

Another huge sceptre has to do with our One Being. It's time for all of us to share the responsibility for our One Being and for our entire planet. This step cannot be ignored. If we seek solely to fulfill our personal desires, we will not find the deep fulfillment we seek. It is only when we have balanced our responsibility to serve the One with our most precious personal desires that we will be able to experience the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. Without doing this, we can go no further....



Throughout this time, we need to watch out for plateaus. A plateau is reached when we climb what we perceive to be a mountain and finally reach a nice, flat place at the top. "Ah, a fine resting place!", we think to ourselves. And yes, we may safely rest here for a few minutes or even a few days. As long as we don't mistake this plateau for our final destination.

If we do, our energies will quickly begin to stagnate, our fears of the Unknown will stir into a tempest, and we will become stuck, as surely as if we had fallen into thick quicksand. If we make any kind of semi-permanent camp on the plateau, we will not be able to see that the "huge" mountain that we've just climbed is only a small hill. We will miss out on the real mountain that is beckoning to us.

There are many ways that we can get stuck on a plateau. We do it by tenaciously holding onto old patterns or elements which have already passed their expiration dates. This includes unfulfilling relationships, old friends who are no longer true friends, old habits and superficial activities.

We can also get stuck on a plateau by clinging onto our old levels of mastery, our old tools, old skills and old spiritual practices. Often, we are filled with apprehension at the thought of letting them go, feeling that without them, we will lose our identity. But will we really?

By releasing them, we will learn something totally new that will enable us to move to an entirely new level. Once we do, we'll be able to see the clear path ahead leading to the real mountains.



We are right in the midst of a dramatic reconfiguring of all that we have known until now. Everything is being shaken about, much like the inside of a snowglobe, until it is all mixed together and air borne. This unpinning from our previous positions is allowing everything, both inside us and outside of us, to move into their new, rightful positions. At this very moment, our entire landscape is being buffeted by the billowing Winds of Change. And from now until the end of the year, they will only get stronger.

Because of this far reaching reconfiguring taking place, we are going to experience ourselves being separated from many aspects of our old lives. This includes the jobs that we have been doing, but not loving to do, old spiritual practices and outdated beliefs. Many unfulfilling relationships are going to be completed. We are going to be pulled apart from our old lives and set on our true course.

As our Sealed Orders increasingly open, some of our friends are going to start moving in their new directions which will not necessarily be in the same new direction where we are headed. Others will simply get stuck and stop traveling on the Fast Track. When this happens, we have no choice, but to continue on without them. The Express Train into the New is traveling too fast for us to get off and try to help them.

At times, this may be totally heart wrenching. It reminds me of the evacuation of Atlantis which some of you may remember. This was when we met at a hidden bay to board our long wooden ships to take us into the Unknown. At that time, some of our dearest ones were assigned to different boats than us, while others chose to remain in Atlantis to see it through to the very end. Although we all knew that we were going to the perfect destinations to fulfill our true destiny, it was still extremely sad to part ways with those we dearly loved.



Most of us feel massive changes coming into our lives. We know that we are soon reaching the point, if we haven't already, where nothing will ever be the same. If we have chosen to travel on the Fast Track, October will be full of strong hints that help propel us into our New Lives.

Many of us are being pulled out of the places where we have been living and called to live somewhere else, but, we don't yet know where our new place is located. We may well find ourselves moving to somewhere we hadn't thought of living before, even to a country far across the world. This is not a matter of personal preference at all; it's on a level far beyond that. Rather it's a movement into the state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. The massive Wheel of Destiny is turning. Everything that is ready and willing is being unpinned from their old positions and moving onto their next level.

For those feeling a relocation coming soon, but who don't yet know where it will be, one of the main things to look for is a place with the right people -- kindred beings with whom you are comfortable. If you don't relate to the people who already live there; it's not the right place for you.

Some people have already found their New Lives and what's interesting is that their New Lives were already in position waiting for them. All they had to do was connect with their new people and the place was already there.



Many of us are fervently yearning for our One True Loves to appear, but it's just like that old country song by Johnny Lee, "Looking for love in all the wrong places. Looking for love in too many faces."

Yes, it is finally the right time to reconnect with our One True Loves on the physical, but the problem is that many of us are going about this in the wrong ways. First of all, we don't go scanning every person we encounter to see if they are "the One". We don't search for our One True Loves. We are simply led to each other and meet when we arrive at a Major Intersection.

Instead of desperately searching for our One True Loves, we need to turn our focus to getting our own being on our new level. We have to clear out our personal matrix of all old baggage so that there are no lingering duality-based relationship patterns there that will leap out and sabotage our New Life when it happens. We can let go of whatever is false in our lives, including any existing temporary relationships that we are holding onto out of security needs or the fear of being alone.

If you are currently with someone and are unsure if they are your One True Love, they probably aren't. How can we find our One True Love if we remain in a relationship that compromises who we really are? That fills our partnership area without fulfilling it? We need to create a wide open empty space in our lives for our One True Love to enter.

Then we refocus our priorities on being REAL and TRUE at all times. We set our internal compass to the deepest, truest core of our Heart of Hearts. This is a prerequisite for an enduring One True Love partnership.

Then when the time is right, we will walk into that Major Intersection and there they are! Once we meet our real One True Love, our connection will be unquestionable. Both of us will simply know that this is real and true.



As we expand into our True Core Beings, we need to broaden our focus and watch what is happening in the world. We are not separate islands. Nothing is separate from the One. When we see something difficult happening in the world, whether it is earthquakes in Peru or the brutal repression in Burma, we must leap into action.

One of the most effective things we can do is to put the affected area in the Heart of the Lotus and immediately jump into position as One Being as the outer petals. If we can hold the people of Burma in the Heart of the Lotus and serve as their outer petals, it will give them great strength and stability. They will not have to do it alone. Together as One, we can create a vast energetic field of LOVE that will dissolve all duality.



This is absolutely one of the wildest, most exciting and most real times we have ever experienced. We are finally going in our true direction into totally new lives.

Until the beginning of 2008, there is a sense of tremendous urgency. We must continue to row with our full beings, night and day, without stopping, no matter what! We must be ready to make sudden shifts of direction with little warning. And we must constantly remember to center our beings in the Heart of the Lotus at all times. This is how we will get to the shores of our New Lives where we can begin our journey on our final path, the Path of Love.

If we remain TRUE TO THE CORE, we can Walk the Razor's Edge into the New and True with confidence.

Our time for doing this is almost up. The sands in the hourglass have nearly run out. There is not a moment to waste, for there is much to accomplish. The Green Lights are on and we don't want to miss them. This is our BIG CHANCE for quantum breakthroughs. This is our BIG CHANCE for the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. We simply won't get there if we don't put out our fullest efforts now.

A long line of Green Lights is illuminating our path as we approach a series of Major Intersections in November. This is the moment that we have long awaited. These Major Intersections will reunite us with our true people, right places, true purpose and the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. Major Intersections are already starting to occur and will continue throughout this year and all through the coming year until we are all in our Right Time - Right Place with our true kindred people, doing what we really came here to do and fulfilling our Wildest Dreams.

If you are ever going to make the leap, now is the time. If you are ever going to row with your full being, now is the time. It has never been more important.


In the Core of the Heart of the Lotus,



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