Solara's September 2007 Surf Report

On the Fast Track

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On the Fast Track

At the beginning of August the Tsunamis of Change began arriving at our shore. Massive waves upon waves upon waves stretched all the way to the distant horizon and far beyond. These tsunamis were the largest Quantum Surf we had yet encountered. And finally we moved onto the Fast Track....

Since then, everything has surged forward at hyperspeed. Our days have merged together in a blur full of myriad activities to get done. A massive repatterning, realignment and recalibration on core levels is affecting absolutely everything. Our evolution has quickened. The scope of what we are doing has immeasurably deepened and expanded. Monolithic shifts are taking place within the core of our beings and within the center of our planet.

The challenge is clear: We have to quickly bring forth our mastery to surf these totally new wave patterns that are on an infinitely vaster scale than we have ever experienced. This requires the participation of our full beings as never before.

There is a new composition to these waves that requires that we develop totally new surfing skills so we can stay on top of them, rather than being pushed underneath the surface. As soon as we get on top of the waves, it becomes fun and exciting. Never before have we experienced such a mammoth series of waves.

Massive Change is in the air! People are on the move, going towards their new lives with strength and clarity. We are being drawn together with the right people, with our kindred family. Previously stuck situations are finally getting resolved. Everything is moving forward with sureness of purpose. The Green Lights are on. Breakthroughs abound!



We are undergoing a major life changing initiation. We have reached the Turning Point. We can never go backwards again. Our True Core Beings are emerging.

The Tsunamis are plunging us into a critical Turning Point of Make or Break, pulling off layer after layer until we are stripped down to the very core. We have no time to process, no time to integrate, no time to doubt our inner knowing, no time to sit upon the sidelines and ponder the situation, no time to panic and no time to indulge ourselves in superficial concerns. An intense initiation is taking place that compels our True Core Beings to rise to the surface, no matter what.

Throughout September this profound initiation continues.... Intensifies. Deepens.

We are right in the most crucial moment of the Turning Point, the Point of No Return. The time when we must completely dissolve all the layers of illusion, self deception, denial, ego, unworthiness and separation to emerge as WHO WE REALLY ARE. On a totally new level. Nothing less will do. It's time to bring out the biggest surfboards we can find and demonstrate our true mastery whether we feel ready for it or not. For if we don't, we will miss the rare Golden Opportunity of this amazing time.



During this time, many of us are feeling absolutely Seared in the Beam. We are burning up. Literally. Our bodies sometimes feel as if they are about to spontaneously burst into flames and heat pours out of us. These are the Fires of Initiation that are burning up all the old residue of duality. These are the same fires that are sweeping across the planet, burning away the old and searing the landscape.

The deep repatternings that are taking place are not only extremely intense, but are incredibly thorough. They are affecting every part of our beings. They are pulling out and strengthening all that is true within us, bringing our real cores to the surface. They are magnifying all that is untrue until we have no option, but to honestly face the elements within us that hold us back and keep us small so we can dissolve these outdated patterns, forevermore. There are moments when this feels extremely awkward, brutally harsh and very uncomfortable, but because of the magnification taking place, we cannot avoid this.

Our outer world is also being deeply repatterned. Layers of illusion are continually being stripped away, exposing even more hidden pockets of corruption, abuses of power and lack of integrity. Monolithic shifts deep within the very core of the planet are putting pressure on the tectonic plates, creating earthquakes that are part of our realignment into the New Matrix. Floods, hurricanes and wildfires are dissolving stuck energy patterns, burning up the old residue and purifying everything in their path. The Winds of Change are scouring the Earth to sweep away the old and expired and make way for the New and True.

Throughout this time, many of us are beyond busy and impossibly overstretched far beyond the rapidly disappearing boundaries of our previous comfort zones. Our plates are overflowing; there is way too much to do and extra work is constantly being piled upon us. And it all has to be done quickly, cleanly, deeply, decisively. Bringing old projects to completion. Bringing old situations and old relationships to resolution. Dissolving limiting patterns and unnecessary resistance. Transforming and releasing everything that has passed its expiration date. Reordering our priorities to what is truly important. Strengthening our core beings until nothing else remains and we become RAW, REAL and TRUE. Shifting us onto a totally new level.

And we are doing all this in the midst of immense intensity.... With each forward step that we make, a stepping stone to the past disappears. We cannot turn back; we cannot return to the "Way Things Used to Be". The bridges behind us are burning. This is NO DOWN - NO RETURN.



We are being constantly stretched far beyond all previous boundaries. Through ceaseless waves of activities, we are being pushed into expanding far beyond our previous capabilities. Our efforts are so great that it often feels that we are building mountains. All the while we are continually bombarded with ever increasing intensity.

Most of the time this is surprisingly fun and exciting. We feel a real sense of accomplishment since we are making visible progress on multiple levels. The Winds of Change are blowing mightily and for this we can all be truly grateful.

Throughout this time, it is essential that we constantly listen to the hints of the New and Look Larger, allowing ourselves to see WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING. We need to let go of all the duality-based labels of judgment that we automatically slap on things that we don't understand. Instead, we must continually expand our perceptions, LOOKING EVER LARGER.

Under the protective barriers of our scaffolding, the construction of our new selves is nearing completion. Much refinement of our inner and outer beings is taking place as we go deeper TO THE CORE. The core of our own selves: WHO WE TRULY ARE. The core of what is REALLY going on. The core of what we came here to do: our true destiny and purpose.

An unprecedented expansion is taking place, triggered by the Mega Quantum Surf. This expansion is what we have wanted for a long time. It is nothing to fear and nothing to resist. We have worked hard to bring it here. It is exciting and exhilarating! If we remain open, continually strengthen our core beings and constantly stretch our perceptions, massive breakthroughs will pour in. This is already happening to many of us. Breakthroughs upon breakthroughs are reaching our shores.



As we move closer to the Lotus World with our True Core Beings and encounter entrenched pockets of distorted old patterns, our beings may experience unexpected shatterings of our energy. These shatterings can occur to the people and situations around us or they can take place within us. This isn't due to our over-sensitivity or because we are doing something wrong, but happens whenever an old pattern is suddenly broken. This shattering serves to knock a huge chunk of scaffolding off of us.

Some of these shatterings are so huge that they appear to be earthquakes, like last month's mine collapse in Utah, USA which registered on the Richter Scale as an earthquake, although it wasn't one. And some shatterings actually cause real earthquakes.

Other shatterings create Null Zones where the pre-existing energy pattern is irrevocably smashed and impossible to put back together as it was before. Null Zones are always totally devastating, but usually don't last long. Their purpose is to break up old ingrained patterns in order to create fertile ground for building the New.

Shattering is always a sign that we are on the Fast Track into our new levels. Sometimes, it can occur several times a day. Recovery comes quickly and each time that it happens, we are free of yet more scaffolding.

Whenever our scaffolding falls off, we feel naked and raw. We have grown so used to being covered by thick scaffolding that we forget that it's not a natural part of our beings. Sometimes, we even try to stick it back on, but cannot. Since most of our remaining scaffolding is covering our emotional body, its sudden falling away can cause us to feel extremely vulnerable and tender. Our Heart of Hearts is exposed and cracked open. We may experience heart palpitations or pains in our chest. Be gentle with yourself. Lie down and be quiet if at all possible. Fearlessly allow your heart to open.

And although it may feel that our scaffolding has become our outer skin, it never was that; it was merely a protective covering that was put on while massive reconstruction was taking place within us. Our new skin lies underneath the scaffolding and whenever pieces of scaffolding fall off, it means that our tender new skin is ready to be exposed and brought to the surface.



We are also experiencing occasional sinkholes when specific areas or old patterns suddenly collapse. Calcifications of duality are dissolving and pockets of illusion are falling away. A moment ago, everything appeared solid and real, then suddenly and unexpectedly, it is completely gone. When this happens to us, all we have to do is to climb out of the hole. Not only are we much freer than before, but our understanding has expanded. There is a huge sense of AHA as more veils dissolve!



We have now entered upon the Fast Track. This is when the lights turn Green and we move forward unhindered at what appears to be hyperspeed. The key to being on the Fast Track is to hold nothing back and know that it will take you where you most want to be.

Our days and weeks pass by as if in an instant. Our acceleration goes off the map in a total blur, yet there is nothing to fear. If you find yourself on the Fast Track, you're not going to crash and burn or fall off. Instead you will be able to move mountains with surprising ease. It's a wild and unbridled journey into the New.

From now until the end of the year, there is a tremendous sense of urgency. We need to row our boats into the New night and day, continuously, without stopping, without hesitation or doubts, without needless resistance, with our full beings, with everything we've got and more. And we must do this until the beginning of 2008. This is how we get to the shores of our New Life. Our entire future destiny depends on this....



September is the Month of Completion in the Year of Completion. Completion is not just finishing things, but moving them to an entirely new level. The scope of what we are completing is far vaster than we can presently imagine.

As our awareness and our inner beings continually stretch and expand beyond all previous boundaries, off the map of the Known, we are able to reach through the vast expanse of time and space, going to other worlds and other times, and remove any glitches in the old matrix that can no longer travel with us into the New Matrix of Real True Love. This clearing out of the old matrix requires a profoundly thorough Ho'o Pono Pono, Making Things Right, bringing everything into a new balance and onto a totally new level.

We have reached a major intersection where there is an extremely rare alignment of worlds, eras, epochs, cycles, dimensions, aeons, realms and universes taking place right now. This is happening because the PAST and FUTURE have rolled up together into the HERE and NOW, giving us direct access to all times and all places. It is also happening because we are standing on the brink of an entirely New Matrix from which there is no going back to the Way Things Used To Be.

Throughout all the lifetimes we've experienced, through all the pathways we've walked, we have now reached the Mega Turning Point where we can finally make new choices to go in totally new directions, stepping off the old matrix forever. This is the moment that we've waited for, for a VERY long time.



As we expand into our True Core Beings, there will be times when the Cracks Between the Worlds open up and the New is revealed. Whenever this happens, we must leap into the Cracks with our total beings. We can't wait to make our leap later, for Cracks Between the Worlds are only open for very short periods of time. We must seize the Golden Opportunity when they are available and fearlessly JUMP!

This thrusts us into the state of Quantum Deep. Here is an all pervading core of profound stillness that penetrates everything, even when we are being deluged by waves upon waves of tsunamis and in the midst of heightened activity.

Sometimes the power of Quantum Deep totally flattens us, requiring us to cease all outer activities and lie down. Whenever this happens, it feels like the pull of gravity has greatly intensified and is pushing us down into the depths of deepest quiet. Occasionally this makes our energy feel depleted and we almost feel as if we are depressed, but we are not. For underneath the surface veneer of depression, our core being has a huge smile.

Our nights are filled with incredibly deep sleeps where we leave this world, merge into the expanded universe and explore the Invisible. Our dreams are not only sorting things out, but they are giving us lots of new information and profound revelations, pushing us through this time of initiation.

Even when we are awake, we feel vastly expanded. This expansion is so great that many of us feel that we have become pure energy. The deepest silence pervades everything. Everything becomes ultra real. Time stretches out while activities speed up. Our core deepens....

We can finally inhabit our True Core Being, being honest and real in every moment. Even more chunks of scaffolding fall away. And IN THE CORE is exactly where we most need to be.



The more aligned we are with our True Core Beings and the more that we consciously position ourselves in the very center of the Heart of the Lotus, the closer we move into the state of Right Time - Right Place. As this happens, we are drawn together with the right people, places and predestined elements of our New Lives. This creates a synthesis that allows more of the New to pour in. Everything becomes fun, inspiring and full of creative surges. This has already begun....



From now until the end of the year, the Express Trains into the New are going to pass through their intermediate stations to pick up new passengers. If you are not yet on an Express Train traveling on the Fast Track and would like to be, this is your Golden Opportunity to leap on one.

Just be at the station with your full being, ready to jump aboard when the train comes through. The Express Train isn't going to make a full stop when it arrives, it will only slow down. It's not going to announce its arrival with a loud whistle. You will need to be at the station in full readiness. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by superficial concerns or false priorities. Stay focused on what's most important. There's no time to buy a sandwich, chat on the phone or lose your attention in a magazine.



In order to step onto the New Matrix of True Love which is our next level, we must first enter the Lotus World. This is where the fulfillment of Beyond our Wildest Dreams resides, the place of our New Lives where we can reunite on the physical with our One True Loves.

The borders of the Lotus World contain built-in filters that block the entrance of anything that is not pure, true and real. The only way to pass through them is as TRUE CORE BEINGS.

Anything less than that remains outside the borders of the Lotus World in a frequency zone that magnifies and distorts all that is untrue. The energies which cannot enter the Lotus World bounce around this outside border, creating whirlpools of chaos and confusion. Because of the immense magnification taking place, everything is extremely distorted and twisted. Here, there is a constant shattering of old patterns and narrow concepts. This is definitely not a place where any of us want to linger.

This is why it's far preferable to strip ourselves TO THE CORE before we attempt to enter the Lotus World. That's the only way we can get in.


In these most unsettling of times with changes swirling all around us and nature calling loudly for our attention, many of us are remaining surprisingly calm. We feel safe and we know that our course is true. This is because we are sitting in the Heart of the Lotus which is the only way to ride into the New on the Fast Track.

Many of us are being absolutely propelled into making huge changes, such as new jobs and new places of residence, without knowing any of the details of where we are to go, what we are to do and how we are going to manifest the money to make these changes. Often these crucial details won't be revealed to us until we are actually in the middle of the change. (Like packing up your household and not knowing where you are moving.) This requires utmost trust which is firmly anchored in our inner knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should, with total perfection.

Some of us aren't yet feeling the Quantum Surf. Instead, you may feel a sense of total emptiness, as if all the color and meaning suddenly drained out of life. You feel that you have done everything you can, and yet the Tsunamis of Change haven't arrived. This is because you are in the pre-tsunami stage when all the water is being sucked out to sea to form the huge tsunami waves. This is a time of Sacred Pause, giving you the opportunity to look backwards at the long path you have traveled to this point. Release what still needs to be released. Express your gratitude to all the elements of the journey which brought you to this point. And please don't worry; it won't be long before the Tsunamis of Change reach you. You may not yet feel ready to surf the HUGE WAVES of the Quantum Surf, but the time will soon come when the waves will find you.

Although the Tsunamis of Change are affecting everyone, many are not yet able to surf the Big Waves. This makes them feel disorientated and confused. They mill about, uncertain where to go, not understanding the immensity of what they are feeling. Because of this, we need to watch out for cars coming at us from unexpected directions and people bumping into us, almost as if we were invisible.

While we are shifting matrixes, there will be numerous glitches that will turn up everywhere. Websites which suddenly can't be accessed, machines and electronics that stop working--then unexpectedly burst back into life, the electricity fails, the water pressure surges, plus numerous delays, etc. This is all just a symptom of the massive changeover that is taking place. And most of the glitches will quickly sort themselves out without much effort on our parts.

Many of us who are in the process of moving to our next levels are feeling the outgoing tide so strongly that it sometimes makes us feel that we are dying. Although we absolutely don't want to go backwards, there is a sense of grief that we feel. This is totally natural since we are leaving so much behind.

Whenever the pull of the outgoing tide is strongly felt, please make sure to put everything that needs to be released into it. And remember that everything that is being swept out to sea will be completely transformed. The outgoing tides create the momentum that pushes the Tsunamis of the New onto our shores. And they are coming for sure!

It's time to go to the next level NOW!


In the Core of the Heart of the Lotus,



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