Tenth Gate Activation of the 11:11



The keynote for the exciting Tenth Gate is LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES. We have emerged as True Ones and we can now fully embrace living True Lives. First Waves, Second Waves, Third Waves and Bridges have come together to create a New Paradigm that is bringing dramatic changes to all aspects of our lives. It is time to fully embrace our New True Lives.

When we participate in the powerful Tenth Gate Activation, whether in the Master Cylinder in Chiapas, Mexico, or in an 11:11 Anchor Group, it is essential that we are True Ones embodying PURE HEART LOVE.

These Tenth Gate Anchor Group Preparations have been created to support your group’s preparatory meetings and Tenth Gate Activation Ceremony. These guidelines will help strengthen your Anchor Group to anchor the new dynamic of LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES as the Tenth Gate energies pour in.

Please feel free to add your own creativity, as long as it’s true, clear and fully aligned with the energies of Tenth Gate and PURE HEART LOVE.

Before you begin, please register your Anchor Group so you can be put on the Tenth Gate Anchor Group Lists on this website. This is VITALLY IMPORTANT so that the Master Cylinder and all the other Anchor Groups worldwide will be able to align with your group on September 11th.

PART TWO: Instructions for the 10th Gate Activation Ceremony
Tenth Gate Guardian Instructions

If you have any Anchor Group questions, please email Laya our 11:11 International Anchor Group Coordinator at anchors@nvisible.com




It's really helpful to hold preparatory meetings so your Anchor Group can align as One Being and create a super-strong, clear, loving resonance of PURE HEART LOVE. There are extremely useful practices listed below that your group can learn in preparation for the Tenth Gate Activation. This includes some of our deeply transformative 11:11 Sacred Dances, as well as the 11:11 Mudras.

The core resonance that will be vital for your group to establish is that of PURE HEART LOVE. The Tenth Gate Activation is about LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES. Embodying PURE HEART LOVE as TRUE ONES helps us step forth into Living True Lives. Bring everyone in your Anchor Group into One Being as soon as possible. The preparations for the Tenth Gate Activation require dedication and focus, but it will be the Quantum WAVES of LOVE that will make this effortless and fun. Splash it around everywhere, and not just within your group’s meetings. Live it! Love it! Be it! The resonance of PURE HEART LOVE helps us live in the Ultra Greater Reality so we can completely embrace Living True Lives as True Ones.

We are fully emerged as True Ones. True Ones have a deep inner knowing, and this means that your Anchor Group needs to co-create your activities, rather than have one person in a position of authority give all the instructions. It is time to bring in totally new ways of doing things. The energies are new and anything is possible. Be open. Be creative. Have fun!




Print out ALL the Tenth Gate information found on the Tenth Gate Ndex on this website and share it with your group. This will vastly deepen your group’s understanding of what the Tenth Gate Activation is about. Discussing the Keynote of the Tenth Gate Activation, Solara’s Year 2011 Surf Report and what it means to Live a True Life as a True One within the group meetings will be extremely helpful for aligning with the 10th Gate energies.

Subscribing to Solara’s Monthly Surf Reports is also highly recommended, as they clarify the energies that we are currently experiencing and have lots of useful information on how to fully emerge as a True One. You can print out and share Solara’s 2011 Surf Report EMERGING INTO A NEW WORLD for more information on what this pivotal year will bring.


It is very effective to visually align with the Master Cylinder in Chiapas, Mexico, and all of the Tenth Gate Anchor Groups by using a world map. Use the 10th Gate Master List of Anchor Groups Worldwide (which will be updated daily until the morning of the Activation) and place bright stickers on the location of each 10th Gate Anchor Group. You can update your World Anchor Map every time your Anchor Group meets and please take it with you to your Activation Ceremony.

We also have a very cool Tenth Gate Anchor Group Map on Google. This shows the locations of all 10th Gate Anchor Groups worldwide, as well as every Master Cylinder so far.


There is a special mudra for each Gate of the 11:11 Doorway. The 11:11 Mudras are powerful and help us to deeply Anchor the 11:11 energies into our physical bodies. Practice the 11:11 Mudras with your Anchor Group and explain their meanings until everyone is familiar with them. Here is a video of Solara and the 11:11 Workshop Facilitators demonstrating the 11:11 Mudras.


The Silent Watchers are vast beings who have long held all the worlds within worlds in balance and maintain the interweaving of the grids in multiverses. They moved into position right before the creation of Time to serve as stabilization pinions for this dimensional universe. This year, the role of Silent Watchers has changed again. They no longer want to dispassionately observe the worlds within worlds from a place of trained neutrality. Instead, they want to step in and feel everything. They want to LOVE and BE LOVED with their whole beings. They want to play a more active part in this momentous shift of evolutionary spirals. The Silent Watchers are not separate from us. We are both physical beings and Silent Watchers. They are simply a part of the vastness of our infinite beings. Aligning with the Silent Watcher part of ourselves helps us to remain balanced and maintain a vaster perspective. This will enable us to live without being shocked or thrown off balance at the constant upheavals and give us full acceptance and knowingness of what is really going on. It gives us the strength, authority and empowerment that we need for our daily life and our service to the world. Here is a video of Solara and the 1:11 Workshop Facilitators demonstrating Silent Watchers.


Pa'a is a Hawaiian word meaning "So be it! It is done!" Pa'a is used to complete something, to remove something from our personal matrix, to get rid of an old behavior or habit, or to clear out residues of experiences in past, present or future. Here is a video of Solara and the 11:11 Workshop Facilitators demonstrating Pa'a.


XUA!! is the sound of a wave. It is an extremely effective tool for clearing energies. There are three types of XUA!! The first one is used to clear our personal matrixes. The second type of XUA!! is for cleaning something out of the planetary matrix. The third XUA!! is for clearing the path into the New and True. Practice XUA!! together as an Anchor Group each time that you meet. Here is a video of Solara demonstrating XUA!!


Anchor Groups who perform the 11:11 Sacred Dances during the 11:11 Activations always find it much easier to ground the influx of highly concentrated and super intense new 11:11 energies. The deeply transformational Sacred Dances are created for this exact purpose and really work.

Your Anchor Group should practice the Sacred Dances during your preparatory meetings as well as create your own unique Dance of the Elements. The Starry Processional is the only 11:11 Sacred Dance that has been performed at all the 11:11 Gate Activations, so it is highly recommended. The extremely deep and subtle Lotus Dance helps us connect with the Lotus World and the Lotus of True Love. The Sacred Spiral Dance is the dance of the Lovers from Beyond the Stars in which the two become ONE. And the vigorous and wild Earth-Star Dance helps us merge our inner Earth-Star beings.


The 11:11 Sacred Dances
Descriptions of all the Sacred Dances

The Starry Processional
View an animation of the Starry Processional

The Earth-Star Dance

The Lotus Dance
View an animation of the Lotus Dance

The Sacred Spiral Dance
View an animation of the Sacred Spiral Dance

View an animation of the One Eye Dance
View an animation of the Pulsating Star Dance


We highly recommend downloading the music for four of our Sacred Dances, as they hold the deep resonance of the dances themselves and can also be used to stay aligned in the 11:11 energies during activities and rest breaks.

Music is available for the Starry Processional, the Greater Central Sun Dance, the Sacred Spiral Dance and the Earth-Star Dance. You will definitely need the music for the Starry Processional and the Earth-Star Dance if you are going to perform these dances with your Anchor Group.

You can also bring an eclectic mix of beautiful world music combined with true love songs to your Tenth Gate Activation Ceremony or have live musicians.


The “GO” is a simple yet essential practice to help your group ground and realign as One Being. Use this at the beginning of your ceremony, and before you begin any activities such as the Sacred Dances. It is also vitally important that your Guardians do the "GO" before they step into position. The energies during the 10th Gate Activation will be immensely strong and doing the “GO” will keep your group fully present and anchored, plus you won't be flattened by the intensity of the powerful energies.

Instructions for the GO!


Guardians are an important part of every 11:11 Gate Activation. Everyone in your group should be taught how to serve as a Guardian in advance of the actual Activation Ceremony. Please read and print out the Guardian page.

Tenth Gate Guardian Instructions


MASTER LIST of all Anchor Groups Worldwide
The Tenth Gate Anchor Group Directory