Solara's February 2007 Surf Report
The Wheel of Destiny
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The Wheel of Destiny

January was an unbelievably busy month. Busy doesn't even begin to describe it; there was an almost impossible amount of things to accomplish, and no matter how hard we worked, there was always more to do.

As if that wasn't challenging enough, we also had to deal with the collapsing of time. The fabric of time and space has become pleated like an accordion so that what used to be eight - ten hours has been folded into two or three. This means that a day goes by in a blink of an eye and that it's nearly impossible to get anything done in the brief time allotted by the newly shrunken time / space continuum.

Everything has sped up into a hyperspeed blur and the days pass like hours, the months pass like weeks and the years pass like months. All of this takes some getting used to, but we never have enough time to make a proper adjustment.

Since January was so intense, many of us were slammed around by the Quantum Surf and experienced severe cases of Burnout. We were pushed far beyond our limits and are in a state of absolute exhaustion. We experienced Burnout because so much of the old is getting seared out of beings to make way for the New to stream in.

During this time, many of us have had sudden physical ailments that force us to stop everything and collapse for a day; then they leave us as quickly as they arrived. We have also been experiencing glitches in the mechanical and electronic things around us, such as small parts breaking in large appliances, car problems, computers malfunctioning, doors not opening, etc. And wild weather patterns where we least expect them. These are all part of the purification and repatterning process that is necessary to fully enter the new matrix of True Love. Everything needs a deep cleansing.

January was a major "Make or Break" month in a major "Make or Break" year in which our big choices are whether or not we break down, remain stuck in a rut or experience mega breakthroughs that will take us into the realm of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. Right now we are being given unprecedented opportunities to make lasting breakthroughs and to fully connect with our true destiny. If we demonstrate our courage and start leaping into the New, we can reconnect with our true purpose on a totally new level and start living the life that we were born to live.

Because of this, we are constantly called to maintain our focused intent upon our real priorities, rather than the superficial strivings that we stuff our lives with and call our priorities. It's time to Choose our Battles, meaning not to invest any more of our energy into lost causes, into people or situations that aren't ready for change. Our one and only "Cause" and highest priority should be to get ourselves totally unstuck from duality and to get both feet firmly planted into the Greater Reality. Once we do, we will be on the Expressway of the New and True in the state of Right Time - Right Place, traveling on the express route into the realm of Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

2007 requires that we constantly take clear, decisive action and meet everything we encounter with our full beings. It's definitely not the time to sit around on the sidelines pondering our choices or continuing to do more of "the same old, same old".

In February, there will be a noticeable shift in the energy. The huge waves of the Quantum Surf will become more gentle and rolling. They will still be massive, even larger than before, but it will be much easier to surf them. These rolling waves will bring vast changes into our lives. February is one of those NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME months in which we definitely pass the Point of No Return.

The Wheel of Destiny is turning....

And we shall all feel it.

One of the areas most deeply impacted in February has to do with the people in our lives. A massive shiftover of people is taking place. All the pre-existing soul groups are being reconfigured.

It's as if we are being spun around by a powerful centrifugal force that speeds up and spins off people from our old soul groups. Many of those being spun off will get pulled into the centrifugal force of other soul groups. And those who have become stuck into duality and stopped growing may well find themselves being spun off into isolated corners, leaving behind the fast track of accelerated development.

We entered the year with one group of friends, lovers and associates, and by the end of February, if not sooner, we will find ourselves aligned with a vastly reconfigured group of friends, lovers and associates. These new people will be deeply kindred beings with whom we share a common purpose. This changeover profoundly affects love partnerships. business relationships and all types of friendships. All pre-existing relationships will either deepen into true authenticity or dissolve away as the paths we have been traveling together now fork into separate directions.

During this dramatic changeover from the old to the New, it's important that we continually strip away the dead wood from our lives-- the people and situations which no longer resonate with our authentic core self. Let go of those who can't meet your energy, who aren't open to change, who aren't living in integrity or who are afraid of Love. We really must stop putting our energy into lost causes-- people and situations which remain locked behind a wall of denial, that aren't open to change and expansion.

No matter what happens, we need to be totally honest and true, standing in our integrity without compromise. Sometimes this calls for tough love, where we have to speak our true feelings and accept whatever consequences this brings-- which might mean losing that person or burning the bridge to a long standing situation, but this is what we must do. For now it's time to be with our true people, those who give their all in a wholehearted way, those with whom we share an unspoken understanding. And it's time to place ourselves in situations where we can openly be ourselves and are fully honored and appreciated.

February is the month when the Express Trains into the New pull out of the station and this will be the time when we can start exploring our train and see who else is traveling with us on the same train.

Looking around at all the familiar and not yet familiar faces, we seek out some of our old friends and cannot find them on our train. Some are found on other Express Trains that are going to different directions than the train we are on. They are moving towards their true destinies, but they are different than ours. We are happy for them, of course, but there is also that jarring shock of separation after we have traveled so far together up until now.

Other dear ones are nowhere to be found. This is sad and unsettling. How could they miss this moment? We briefly consider jumping off the train and running to find them and force them to travel with us. But we know we cannot do this, for we have already done all we can.

This sorting out of people is happening because we are moving into the new matrix of True Love and Partnership. All the needed elements are coming to us on a direct trajectory, including people, tools, skills, the right location, fulfilling careers where we can express our true creativity, as well as the financial resources we need to fulfill our Wildest Dreams.

Many of us have experienced years of financial struggle, but that is now coming to an end. The key to having what we want and what we need, is to set our sights on a true course. Go for the miracles. Go for your Wildest Dreams. Go for what you really want and let go of compromising your dreams. Forget the safe, well thought out Five Year Plan, go for what you want to happen this year, to happen RIGHT NOW. Dare to dream BIG. And if your dreams are true and if you are standing in your integrity and in your LOVE, nothing will stand in your way.

Throughout February, many old doors will be closing and many new doors will be opening. It will feel like levers are being pulled that reveal new openings, much like the chutes at a rodeo which suddenly open and release a bucking bronco. Some of these new doors open to places that we never knew existed. And these are wondrous places that we will want to go to.

The path of our individual personal destinies is coming to an end. Our personal destinies are transforming into collective ones. This is why the old soul groups are dissolving and being transformed into destiny groups. Soul groups belong to the past and destiny groups to the future.

Integrity is essential as we step into our new destinies. The end no longer justifies the means. Every step we take has to be done cleanly, without compromising our integrity in any way.

As we come together with our new destiny groups, there is going to be an outburst of LOVE. It will feel like a dam breaking inside of us. All the LOVE that we have stuffed deep inside us is going to come bursting out. Waves of Love will be splashing all over us. Around us. Through us. LOVE that was only possible in our Wildest Dreams. And this is just the beginning....

This outpouring of LOVE will wash away our struggles past, wash away our Years of Tears, wash away the final residue of loneliness and separation.

By the end of February, we will have a much clearer picture of where we are going and who we will travel with. Many new vistas will become clear to us. How much we will see of the New totally depends on how open we are and on our giving ourselves permission to have what we most want and what we most need. If we've already settled for compromises, we just might remain where we are.

The Express Trains into the New are definitely leaving the station this month. The Wheel of Destiny is turning. And we really don't want to miss it!


From the Core of my Heart,


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