Solara's January 2007 Surf Report
The Lotus Expands
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The Lotus Expands

January is an exciting month of New Beginnings which sets the tone for the entire year. It signifies our entrance into a totally new matrix, the Lotus Heart. The River of Love is our journey into the Heart of the Lotus. Throughout January, the resonance of the River of Love will noticeably strengthen, causing it to continually overflow its banks.

The Lotus noticeably expands as rows upon rows of exquisite new petals appear, continuously rebalancing themselves until they reach their rightful positions. Our levels of mastery also expand, allowing us to become fuller, more whole and real beings.

We have entered a whole new map. This new map has not yet been delineated or defined. It is being explored and created by us moment by moment throughout the year. Everything is so utterly unknown and so freshly new that the only way to travel through these uncharted realms is with our most authentic true feelings as pure core beings. If we follow the Compass of our Heart of Hearts, we shall be able to navigate ourselves right to where we most want and need to go.

In order to demonstrate our mastery, we need to fully inhabit our bodies. There's no holding back anymore from fully inhabiting the physical. This is the year that everything that resides in the inner core of our Heart of Hearts is going to finally manifest on the physical, but we need to be fully present in our physical bodies in order to receive the bounty which awaits us.

As the emphasis moves to the physical and to our authentic, deeper emotions of TRUEST LOVE, the reign of our mental bodies recedes. Our minds expand until they are so stretched and immeasurably vast that they can no longer hold onto any rigid or limiting thoughtforms. It's no longer appropriate or possible to mentally process what we are experiencing and the time has passed for long drawn out discussions or for making set plans based on pragmatic, duality-based considerations.

This year requires a total surrender to the Unknown and an absolute realignment to the Compass of our Heart of Hearts. We need to stop thinking that we know what's going on and let go of any previous definitions of who we thought we were or of how we are supposed to do things. It's time not only to be unpinned, but to enjoy being unpinned!

In 2007, we are going to leave behind many of the elements which have surrounded us for lifetimes. And it's critical that we start doing this in January, for this month sets the resonance for the whole year.

We must completely let go of the concepts of struggle, battles between "dark" and "light" and self-imposed limitation for we are no longer traveling on the road of hardship, opposition and lack. We need to rid ourselves of all unnecessary distractions for they will only fill up spaces that cry out to be infused with the New. We need to let go of self sabotage in all its forms, for it is no longer appropriate and keeps us from living our true mastery. We must be willing to release unfulfilling relationships and expired friendships so there is space for the true kindred ones and our One True Loves to come in. We need to stop making excuses and "building cases" to justify our lack of decisive action and simply move forward cleanly in the direction of the fulfillment of our Wildest Truest Dreams with everything we've got.

As we enter this brilliant New Year, it's time to take a complete inventory of absolutely every aspect of our lives. We must look at everything... especially the areas where we aren't happy and fulfilled and can't be our true selves. This includes our work, partnerships, friendships, families, places of residence, social interactions, ways we do things, spiritual concepts and practices. 2007 is going to bring us a massive changing of the props on our stage and we need to get really clear as to which ones are to be let go of and which ones are to remain.

It's absolutely essential that we constantly look at everything with new eyes. This is vitally important if we are to break through the bottleneck of our creative expression so we can finally bring out our inner treasures and fully integrate them into our daily lives.

As the emphasis is on the physical and on embodying and expressing our most authentic TRUEST LOVE, we will also discover that many of our old spiritual practices don't work anymore. Many forms of healing, especially New Age practices, have now expired and are becoming increasingly ineffective. This is because they are still operating from the concept of separation by working with our fragmented beings rather than focusing on a total realignment with the One where we are already whole and complete. If you are a healer, please be open to discover brand new forms of healing, for they are coming in this year.

Instead of spending hours inert in meditation to reach the Greater Reality, we will see that everything we do in our daily life is part of an ongoing meditation and the Greater Reality is already present in the HERE and NOW. It doesn't matter what we are doing, but it does matter how we are doing it.

One of the main precepts of the Lotus World is an expansion of the sacred leading to the discovery that everything is sacred. If we move through all the daily activities of life with this heightened sense of sacredness, it will transform everything. There will be a new resonance of elegance, grace and ease to all our actions and doors will automatically fling open before us. Our path will be wide open and unhindered. And we will be traveling on the pathway of TRUEST LOVE.

January is a critical "Make or Break" month in an extremely critical "Make or Break" year of monumental transition. There is a major Turning Point right in front of us and the sooner we reach our Turning Point, the better. We really don't want to waste the whole year trying to make the needed breakthroughs rather than enjoying the fruits of our breakthroughs. Just let go of the old and move on!

The time for staying in our old positions has run out. The time for pondering whether or not we are ready to jump into the New has expired. The time for avoiding who we really are is over.

Many of us are going to feel like beached whales this month, knowing with every fiber of our beings that we must make a drastic shift into a totally new position in order to survive. This drastic shift is needed on numerous levels, but we don't need to be intimidated by the vastness of its scope. Instead, we can focus on making the obvious changes that are easy to see, then as the next level becomes clear, making those changes, and on and on, until we have reached our new positions.

The beginning month of 2007 is somewhat poignant since we can feel such tremendous Waves of Change coming in and know that at any moment nothing will ever be the same. NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME. It's the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. This new era is the one that we have worked so arduously to bring to birth; it's the one we have long longed for. And it is so very tantalizingly close....

We are walking the final five miles of the dying era of the old matrix and we really must muster the courage to see it through. We are so very near; please don't give up now. Especially if you are one of the ones who know that the Lotus World is here, but are so immersed into duality that you can only rarely feel it. Please don't be afraid to believe it. Please allow yourselves to leap into the River of Love.

January is a month full of Quantum Surf with rarely a quiet moment. Sometimes, the Surf will get so wild that it will create waves of distortion. This is when it's essential that we refocus on the Compass of our Heart of Hearts and stay in the core of what we know to be real and don't get drawn into outer appearances of what "appears" to be happening.

The absolute best stance we can take throughout January, and indeed throughout 2007, is to put ourselves into the center of the Lotus and stay there no matter what. If we are sitting in the core of the Lotus Heart as our core selves, the Surf can get as wild as it wants and we will remain afloat. We may get splashed now and then, but we won't get bashed around or totally flattened. There is immense stability in the Heart of the Lotus and this is where we need to center ourselves.

This year requires that we live everything, feel everything and do everything on a core level as core beings. For it is only the true, authentic core beings living in the new matrix who will be able to experience the fulfillment of their Wildest Dreams.

January is going to be a super busy month full of activities. It is a month that calls for us, again and again, to take decisive action to move forward. At times we will be confronted with a lack of energy to continue on with the elements that have already expired. If we try to do them for the purpose of continuing on with the old, we will discover that they have reached the end of the road and we are unable to go any further. However, if we deal with the expired elements in the spirit of completion and with the attitude of bringing them to resolution so we can move forward, we will find much energy and outer support to get them resolved and cleared out from our lives.

In February, the Express Train into the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams is leaving the station and we really don't want to miss it.

January is the month where we must get our tickets in hand. Each of us is responsible for getting our own tickets. We do this by unpinning ourselves from the last residue of duality that holds us back, dissolving our old patterns, stepping fully into the physical, leaping into the River of Love with our total beings and by taking clear, decisive action whenever needed.

And please get ready for lasting happiness, an abundance of abundance and LOVE beyond our Wildest Dreams! Nothing will ever be the same....




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