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Infinitely VASTER

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Infinitely VASTER

The events of February have catapulted us onto a totally new level. The scale of this new level is far beyond our present imagining. The doorway into our new lives stands open before us. The Express Trains have left the station. Our new journey has begun....

Shortly after the Express Trains departed, they entered a long tunnel. It is when we finally emerge from this tunnel that the new landscape is revealed. Instead of following a direct, linear trajectory as before, we have now emerged into the entirely new configuration of the Lotus World with its multi-dimensional patterning.

This is precisely the moment when we face a critical testing....

Many people are getting disorientated when emerging from the tunnel, assuming that they are still going in a straight direction, when they're not. For our new landscape is now in the shape of a Lotus and there is no more linear progression. Continuing to hold a linear focus at this point will spin you off into illusory worlds of severe distortion.

Because of this, many people are ignoring their inner discernment and making capricious decisions not based on reality. These capricious decisions are not taking them to their true directions. Falling into this astral overlay at the frontier of the Lotus World can be very seductive and will definitely pull you out of the Lotus World. For years, we've been honing our integrity and refining our discernment, so we wouldn't get drawn into any more illusion and now we've reached the ultimate challenge and true testing of the results of our training.

Instead of rushing off into the direction that you assume is "forward", please stop and re-center yourself into the heart of the Lotus. Sitting in the center of the Lotus is our new navigational seat; we no longer go "forward" by moving in a linear direction, but rather simultaneously radiate outwards in all directions.

If you have already veered off into the world of illusion, you need to immediately pull back into your core and stop all forward movement until you can see and feel the Lotus all around you. Here you will be able to move into every direction at once on the new multi-dimensional tracking.

It's also important that once we get on the Express Trains, we don't start thinking that the work is over and that we will simply be carried along to our true destinations. This is precisely when our full beings need to come in and be fully engaged in the process of moving forward into the New.

Because of this infinitely vaster landscape that we are now starting to inhabit, all the positions of what we have previously known have changed. This requires us to look far beyond where things used to be to see their new positions.

Since nothing is located where it used to be, we need to once again, expand ourselves to learn totally new ways of doing things and to create totally new responses to life's situations. Even if we've been doing this for years, we need to now do it again, for everything has monumentally changed. If we look for things where they used to be, we shall not find them. Instead, we will only encounter a lifeless residue of what once was there. Whenever we do this, everything will feel ultra unreal.

Encountering this sense of unreality will feel shocking at first. We will be filled with a sense of disbelief that so many of the previously viable and solid elements of our lives have suddenly gone limp, as if the air was taken out of them. But as soon as we remember to LOOK LARGER in ALL DIRECTIONS AT ONCE, we will find what was missing. The sense of being firmly anchored into the Greater Reality will return, stronger than ever before.

To fully step into this new landscape created by the dramatic expansion of the old patterning, requires us to noticeably deepen our beings, until we stand right in our absolute core in the heart of the Lotus. Until we do, many of us will experience a massive imbalance in our priorities. We may be continually missing the point, not seeing the most important, crucial elements, simply because it is so much vaster than expected and since it's far beyond the scale that most of us are used to seeing.

On this infinitely vaster map, the old measurements no longer apply. Until we make the necessary internal adjustments to this vaster scale, we may have massive blind spots and not see clearly what is in front of us. We might make misguided actions which make us think that we're doing something important, when we're not. Lots of people are missing the point right now by seeing things through the distorted filters of illusion.

Because of this, it's a time of extreme testing with the potential of falling into old traps. But each time that we don't fall into an old trap, we will be rewarded with significant breakthroughs.

What's required is an absolute blow out of illusion,
removing all blind spots
and dissolving the final distortion filters
which keep us from seeing clearly
and from fully inhabiting our true, core selves.

This vaster landscape is part of the Lotus World that was previously invisible and is now being revealed. This is a direct effect of February's 8th Gate Activation. We are now being thrust into the uncharted realms of the Unknown, not just for the purpose of exploration, but to fully inhabit it. Just like the first settlers in an untamed wilderness, we have to make our way carefully and ultra consciously using our full discernment and integrity at all times. For we are the pioneers clearing the pathways into the realms of Purest, Truest Love.

Since this uncharted wilderness is the Lotus World, the key to successful navigation is LOVE. Love is both our compass and our map. It is the air we breath and the ground that we stand upon. This isn't just a flowery, nebulous love like that which we used to call unconditional love, for while the Lotus appears to delicately float upon the water, it is extremely strong. Its roots are firmly embedded in the mud and anchor the entire plant so the stems can rise high to support the most exquisite of flowers.

Lotuses are integrated, full beings, neither high nor low; they are roots, stems, leaves and blossoms merged as One Being. To fully inhabit the Lotus World, we need to embrace our true responsibilities while fulfilling our most personal, intimate Wildest Dreams, to step forward and fulfill our truest destiny by serving the One with our full beings while bringing our total vastness into the physical. It's time to actually do something with our lives, rather than just soaking up the energy and basking in it.

Lotuses constantly refine their energies through rebalancing and purification. Thus, living in the Lotus World requires us to continually rebalance our own energies as well as those of our immediate environment. It's important that we don't just sit back on our old point of balance, for if we do, we will miss the wondrous opportunities right before us. Navigating the Lotus World requires a perfect balance between serving ourselves and serving the One. We need to constantly check ourselves to see if we are doing this and make sure that we are not just being caught up in our own personal desires and experiences.

Part of being in balance is the ability to listen. Listening is extremely important at this time. If we are only putting forth our own opinions and perceptions, then we will miss the myriad clues and important information which are coming to us so we can expand our perceptions. These are significant signposts on the route of our new lives. If we don't listen, we will miss these signposts that point the way to our truest direction. We must constantly stay ultra awake, paying attention to everything inside us and outside us.

One important component of Lotus Love is the aspect of tough Love. We can no longer put up with or compromise ourselves with any lack of integrity or murky energy. We must bring clarity and Love to every situation. It's time to speak our truth with Love and walk our talk with Love, to insert our full beings into every aspect of life.

Part of the purification aspect of the Lotus World has to do with the dropping away of expired elements from our lives. This includes engrained habits and patterns, outgrown relationships, unfulfilling jobs, outdated ways of doing things and places of residence which are ready to change. While much of our outer world is fragmenting in order to reconfigure, it can often feel extremely disorienting and disturbing. It's natural to feel this, but we don't need to collapse ourselves into it and be pulled into the Null Zone.

Null Zones happen when our known worlds implode, collapsing into themselves. This creates an extreme shattering of known worlds into myriad fragments, the pieces of which can never be put back together into their old patterning. Null Zones are always upsetting and chaotic, but they create fertile ground for the birth of the New.

However, even when our whole world is Null Zoning around us, we don't need to fall into it ourselves. The key to not getting personally drawn into a Null Zone is to constantly sit in the deepest core of our beings and align with the heart of the Lotus, radiating Lotus Love while everything around us shatters.

And since the Lotus World is both subtle and gentle, hardship and struggle no longer have a part to play in our lives. Nothing needs to be difficult anymore. If we are feeling overwhelmed, then we need to further expand our beings. Once we do, new creative solutions will enter our lives. These new solutions are similar to wormholes in space; they will take us directly to where we most want to go, on a fast track unhindered by old obstacles.

As soon as we get ourselves firmly in place in the heart of the Lotus, more of our Sealed Orders will be revealed and the path before us will become infinitely clearer. These are the instructions to our new directions. Many of these new directions are not yet our final destinations. They lead us to the places which serve as our launching pads into the New. Only when we have arrived at our launching pads will be be able to see where we are truly going.

These launching pads also serve as collection points where we will find some of the ones meant to travel onward with us.

Back at the train station, there is still a crowd of people milling about, looking for their rightful trains which have already left the station, confused as to where they should go and what they should do next.

If you are still at the station, this is the time to stop whatever you are doing and become really still and clear. Then, you will be drawn to the right launching pad / collection point to reconnect with your Express Train.

Since everything is reconfiguring and the petals of the Lotus are constantly unfurling and expanding, all is in a state of massive change. Everything and anyone can dramatically change in a second. Every situation can instantly shift. People not currently making the shift and those who have been pulled into illusion can suddenly break free and leap with their full beings into the Lotus World.

We are going to experience unparalleled deepening and expansion this year. Breakthroughs are all around us. The lights will be Green as long as we stay true to the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams and remain centered in the heart of the Lotus.


From the Core of Lotus Heart,


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